How to Read a Book for School and Enjoy It?

Answer We've all had those boring assignments, "pick a book of this genre and write a 100 page report on it," or etc. Here's how to choose a book you'll love reading and writing about!

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How to Read a Book If You Don't Enjoy Reading?

You don't like reading, but you have to for one reason or another. Why not try to enjoy it?

What is a good math book to read to a preschooler Maybe using manipulative as well during the read aloud.?

I'm the Biggest Thing in the Ocean by Kevin Sherry is a fun read, and it supports discussion of size comparisons. I also like to read any book about apples and then do an apple tasting activity us... Read More »

How to Write a Book Report on a Book You Never Read?

During the course of your education, you may encounter deadlines that are difficult to meet. Fortunately, there are options to simplify the process of report writing -- especially when the report m... Read More »

How to Read and Enjoy Manga?

Wanna get a manga collection THIS big?New to manga? Interested in manga? Want to start enjoying and collecting? Then read on!