How to Read Maytag Appliance Model Numbers?

Answer Regardless of what brand name your appliance actually has on it, it is very possible that the company you think built your appliance did not actually build it. For example, Whirlpool owns many appl... Read More »

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How old is Maytag model DWU7400?

That model was manufactured between the years of 1983 and 1996, you would need your serial number to determine the exact age of the appliance. If you have the serial number, you can call Maytag and... Read More »

How old is your maytag model A212?

Mine is 20 years old and it just died 3 days ago. Not worth fixing, so I'm buying another one.

How old is maytag model ls7800?

18 years. Don't know how this question could be answered because according to Maytag (Toll free # 1-800-333-3330) they've never manufactured An "LS" Model!

How efficient is Maytag model MTB2456AEW? puts that the average energy consumption is 598KWh/year. Compare that with similar size energyStar rated ones. The Energy Star rated ones consume 43... Read More »