How to Read Engine Codes for a 2001 Dodge Stratus?

Answer The engine trouble codes for a 2001 Dodge Stratus are stored in the vehicle’s powertrain control module. The PCM is the on-board computer responsible for controlling the engine, transmission and ... Read More »

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How to Clear the Check Engine Light on a 2001 Dodge Stratus?

The check engine light on a 2001 Dodge Stratus is a small warning light located in the dash just above the steering column. The check engine light serves to warn the driver when one of the vehicleâ... Read More »

How to Read and Manually Check Engine Codes on a Dodge 3500 Truck?

Reading and checking engine codes on your Dodge 3500 truck requires a special tool called an ODB scan tool. The Dodge 3500 uses an on-board diagnostic computer to generate and store error codes gen... Read More »

Is the 2001 Dodge Stratus automatic?

The 2001 Dodge Stratus was available as a coupe or sedan. The coupe came standard with a manual transmission, but an automatic was also available. All 2001 Dodge Stratus sedans came with an automat... Read More »

How to Remove the Alternator on a 2001 Dodge Stratus?

The 2001 Dodge Stratus uses a 2.7 liter V-6 engine that sits sideways in the engine compartment with the alternator near the bottom of the engine, on the passenger side near the front bumper. The e... Read More »