How to Read Elevation Maps?

Answer Reading a topographical map and learning how to decipher elevations are essential skills that will come in handy when you are exploring an unfamiliar area. Whether you're hiking, mountain biking or... Read More »

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How do i read street maps?

Reading a street map can be a challenging task, especially if the map is poorly put together or written in a foreign language. Even so, finding your way around a strange city may be greatly aided b... Read More »

How to Read Boat Navigational Maps?

The world of yachting, boating, racing and exploring waters is exciting, but it also comes with responsibilities. A captain's primary responsibility is keeping the boat and crew safe. Navigating sa... Read More »

How to Read Social Studies Maps for Kids?

Social studies maps assist you in understanding information about the world in which you live. Maps show an array of information, from the type of resources found within a particular area to the po... Read More »

My blueprints show my ceiling elevation at 102.69' and floor elevation at 92.19' what does that mean?

The elevation measurements are relative to a common reference point. The blueprints should also indicate what that reference point is. It could be a surveyor's post somewhere on the lot. But if y... Read More »