How to Read Early American Writing?

Answer Technology has witnessed the titanic digitization of writing and penmanship. With electronic, universally recognized characters in place, legibility has become less of an issue. Yet at the beginnin... Read More »

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Early Writing Techniques?

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Writing Activities for Early Educators?

Teaching children the love of writing at a young age instills creativity and encourages a love for language, not mention good writing habits that will be critical in a child's academic career. Earl... Read More »

How to Read Lao Writing?

The Lao language, or Laotian, is found in the country of Laos in Southeast Asia. The alphabet dates from the 14th century when several Lao kingdoms consolidated into a larger political union. To ce... Read More »

What Are the Benefits of Learning to Read Early?

Children don't have to wait until they start school to begin learning how to read. In fact, children as young as four months old can begin the reading process, according to Children... Read More »