How to Read Codes for a 1997 Ford Expedition?

Answer The 1997 Ford Expedition came equipped with the then-new "OBD II" onboard diagnostics protocol mandated for use in all vehicles sold in the United States beginning in the 1996 model year. As such, ... Read More »

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How to Read Codes for a 1997 Ford F-150?

You can read the codes for your '97 Ford F-150 right from your home garage, saving yourself time and money. The 1997 F-150 comes equipped with an On-Board Diagnostic II (OBD II) computer system tha... Read More »

Where is the oil filter in a 1997 Ford Expedition?

The oil filter on the 1997 Ford Expedition is located on the driver's side toward the front bumper. Open the hood to access the filter. Turning the wheel all the way to the right will give you bett... Read More »

What is the gas mileage on a 1997 Ford Expedition?

The combined mileage for a 1997 Ford Expedition is 14 miles on the gallon. Its fuel economy in the city is 12 miles to the gallon, while its fuel economy on the highway is 17 miles to the gallon.So... Read More »

1997 Ford Expedition Specifications?

Ford rolled out the midsize Expedition sport-utility vehicle (SUV) in 1997, and according to MSN Autos, the SUV was designed using features from the Ford F-Series pickup truck. The 1997 Ford Expedi... Read More »