How to Read BMW Oil Service Status Lights?

Answer BMWs built since the early 1980s are equipped with oil service status lights. The system monitors the length of time since the light was last reset and gradually changes from green to yellow to red... Read More »

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How to Read BMW Service Status Lights?

The service status lights in a BMW illuminate when an error code is generated by the BMW's on-board diagnostic computer. An error code doesn't always mean that there is something wrong with the veh... Read More »

What's the difference between "received" and "never read" in aol show message status?

Never read mails are also received mail but it is not necessary that all received mail will be never read mail.Are you getting me?

I read somewhere that ATT is the sole service provider for the new iPhone 3G. I am planning to buy the iPhone but your current service provider is Verizon I am happy with your service provider?

The new iPhones come with a SIM lock which means it is not possible to change the service provider of the phones. There are grey markets vendors who might help you break the SIM lock and use the iP... Read More »

How to Reset Service Lights BMW X5 or X6 (E70 or E71)?

Servicing you BMW requires you to also reset the service light. The operation for resetting BMW service lights is not the same across the range, so this is the order of operations for any X5 or X6 ... Read More »