How to Read Aloud for Fifth Grade?

Answer As a parent or teacher, you should not forget that children like to have fun. Therefore, teaching them reading skills might be a challenge if you just give them a book and tell them to read it. Rea... Read More »

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What is a good math book to read to a preschooler Maybe using manipulative as well during the read aloud.?

I'm the Biggest Thing in the Ocean by Kevin Sherry is a fun read, and it supports discussion of size comparisons. I also like to read any book about apples and then do an apple tasting activity us... Read More »

How to Read Aloud?

Nervous about reading your essay aloud in school? Can't manage to read aloud a few paragraphs of a funny book to your spouse? Or do you just want to improve your skill at reading aloud? This articl... Read More »

Do you enjoy this(read aloud)?

Very poetic, both of them.My personal choice is the second over the first.If I may say so, you seem VERY bright, and to understand language very well!Good work! :-)) Farsi sounds so liquid and lov... Read More »

How to Read Aloud for Second Graders?

At the age range of eight and nine, the reading comprehension of most second grade students is at a level where they are learning to recognize letter patterns, use phonics, syllabication and Englis... Read More »