How to Re-Refine Motor Oil?

Answer Motor oil could last forever, if you could keep it clean. It doesn't wear out. It just gets dirty and contaminated with elements that damage it. Re-refining is a way to extend its useful life, help... Read More »

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How Do I Refine Motor Oil to Make Diesel?

The simplest explanation for how to extract diesel fuel from used motor oil is this: The oil must be heated to a point where the diesel is atomized into a steam, then the diesel steam must be conve... Read More »

How to Refine Oil?

The crude oil that comes up through wells is actually a combination of many different hydrocarbons, such as octane, propane and methane. The refining process prepares crude oil for conversion into ... Read More »

How to Refine Lube Oil?

Lube oil is used in vehicles with combustion engines. Although there are numerous types of lubricating oils, they all serve the same purpose. When a vehicle has an adequate amount of lube oil, the ... Read More »

How to Refine Used Engine Oil?

New base oils with the same performance capabilities as virgin base oils that are derived from crude oil can be derived by refining used engine oil. This is an intensive process but contaminants ca... Read More »