How to Rate Dry Cat Food?

Answer If you love your cat, then you want to be sure your feline is getting healthy food. Nonetheless, with so many different types of dry cat food on the market, how do you make an informed choice? One ... Read More »

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How to Rate the Quality of Dog Food?

With a seemingly endless variety of dog food on the market, it is important for dog owners to learn how to rate the quality of dog food. A good, quality-rated dog food keeps a dog healthy, reducing... Read More »

Rate those fast food restaurants out of ten?

McDonalds- 8Burger King- 8Taco Bell- 2Subway- 8.5Wendy's- 9KFC- 2.5

Does light affect the rate at which mold grows on food?

Mold requires no light to grow on food or any other substrate, and the presence of light will not influence its rate of growth. Mold establishment and growth requires only four components: mold spo... Read More »

Ready to rate more foods/drinks From a rating of 1-10 how do you grade the food/drinks from this list?

1) Celery -7. I like vegetables.2) Buffalo Wings. -8, YUMM!3) Texas Burger((Burger with Cheese & a Fried Egg.) -Well, I don't like cheese or fried eggs, so 4.4) Onion Rings. -Don't like them, 2.5) ... Read More »