How to Raise the Total Chlorine in My Spa?

Answer To maintain the performance of your spa and protect your health, check the chlorine level in the water regularly. Dirt, debris and bugs can contaminate the water, causing the chlorine levels to dro... Read More »

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How do I raise chlorine levels in a pool?

Use the Test KitUse the test kit to determine the amount of chlorine in the pool and to measure the pH level of the water. Chlorine levels go up and down depending on the acidity or alkalinity of t... Read More »

How do I raise chlorine levels in a swimming pool?

Determine the Level of Chlorine RequiredDetermine the level of chlorine that is normally needed, and if additional factors dictate that you raise the level. Notice if any of the following condition... Read More »

I have a Total Cholesterol of 114 with HDL 38 and LDL 67 my Triglicerides were 44. How to raise HDL?

You need to educate yourself on this cholesterol issue. A cholesterol of 237 for a man is perfect because it should be between 200 and 240. For a woman it should be between 240 and 300. This low... Read More »

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For his victorious 2008 presidential campaign, Barack Obama raised a total of $745 million. By contrast, his rival in that race, John McCain, raised a total of $368 million. This election marked th... Read More »