How to Raise a Zebra?

Answer While simply keeping a zebra alive and healthy is a goal, so is trainability, integration to a herd and ease of handling. Consider safety of the keeper and animal in all zebra handling. Closely rel... Read More »

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How to Raise Zebra Finches?

Zebra Finches are fun, social birds that love chirping and singing.Zebra finches are fun, easy pets to look after, and are probably the least scary of the finches besides Society Finches or Nuns. T... Read More »

Does a zebra raise its young?

A zebra foal cannot survive without its mother. However, the mare needs to move with her herd in order to find food and water. The foal is able to walk only 20 minutes after birth and can run in on... Read More »

How to Care for Zebra Danios/Zebra Fish?

Danios are interesting fish and very easy to care for even for the novice aquarist. This article will show you how to care for these hardy, yet beautiful fish.

Should you raise your children according to *your* values or raise them according to "Society's" ....?

I completely agree. I hate the fact that everyone (it seems) is so anti-punishment anti spanking anti everything...including saying no. Bugs the hel l out me. My children will know what it's like t... Read More »