How to Raise a Door Threshold?

Answer The line between the top of the weatherstrip and the bottom of the door should always be snug. A small gap can best be corrected by replacing the weatherstrip. If you have a gap wider than a quart... Read More »

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How to Fix a Door Threshold?

Door thresholds keep the world at bay by providing a weather-tight seal. A loose threshold or damaged weatherstrip can allow water to leak under the door and damage flooring. Making repairs to your... Read More »

DIY Door Threshold?

The threshold is the wood piece under the door in your doorway opening. The threshold connects directly to your subfloor. Wooden thresholds will begin to rot and break over time. Depending upon the... Read More »

What is under the threshold of a front door?

Front door thresholds are an important aspect of architectural design not only in a house but also in larger public buildings, such as a church, temple, library or school. The term threshold refers... Read More »

How to Adjust a Door Threshold?

An exterior door threshold is designed to seal off airflow under the door. This prevents loss of cooling or heat in homes and buildings while they're closed for indoor climate control. The threshol... Read More »