How to Raise Venison?

Answer Venison is the term used to describe meat from a deer. Traditionally, venison has been brought into the kitchen by hunters who have successfully hunted a white-tail deer or mule deer. Adapted to li... Read More »

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How do i can venison?

Many dedicated deer hunters who value the benefits of the sport--a hearty venison stew or chili--as much as the thrill of the hunt have long enjoyed delicious meals from canned game meats. Canning ... Read More »

How do you spell venison?

Venison Precautions?

Venison is deer meat. It is a healthy red meat, with a low fat and cholesterol content. The meat is high in iron and very versatile. Deer meat is made into steaks, burger meat and even jerky. Howev... Read More »

Can venison be kosher?

Meat from any animal that has split hooves and chews its cud can be kosher. Animals that meet this requirement include goats, lambs, deer and buffalo. The animal must be slaughtered according to ... Read More »