How to Raise Decimals to Powers?

Answer Raising a decimal to a power can be tricky because of the decimal point, but you can make the calculation more easily by removing the decimal point, multiplying the numbers together and adding the ... Read More »

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How to Add Decimals?

Adding decimals can seem to be a tedious job, and a single mistake can result in a completely different number. In reality, it is quite easy, and with a good method and some practice it can be done... Read More »

How to Divide Decimals?

You probably know how to divide. But what about decimals? Let's say that you had to do 4.5/.05(The slash(/) means to divide.).

How to Get the Average of Decimals?

Finding an average of a set of numbers is also known as finding the mean. The only difference between decimals and whole numbers is that decimals represent a portion of a whole number, which may or... Read More »

How to Round Up Decimals?

Whether you are in a classroom or occupational setting, rounding numbers can be an essential skill used to solve and simplify mathematical equations and values. Numbers that extend multiple decimal... Read More »