How to Rabbit Proof Your Home?

Answer So, you've spent weeks researching rabbits, you've spent time finding the best supplier you can, you've chosen your favorite bunny, and now your new best friend is home. But to allow him to run fre... Read More »

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What is a rabbit proof fence?

According to the State Library of Western Australia, a rabbit proof fence or vermin control fence was constructed in Australia to halt the migration of the non-native rabbit into areas of Western A... Read More »

When was the rabbit proof fence constructed?

The rabbit proof fence in the state of Western Australia is actually a series of three fences. The first, and longest, fence was begun in 1901. It runs from Starvation Boat Harbor in the south to W... Read More »

How long is the rabbit proof fence in australia?

The Rabbit-Proof Fence is a series of three fences built protect Western Australian farmland from rabbits; collectively they cover a distance of 3,253 kilometers, or a little over 2,000 miles. In e... Read More »

How to Puppy Proof Your Home?

Puppies are like babies; they both are curious, lively, and they teethe. It can lead them into harmful, even fatal situations. Here are a few ways to puppy proof your home and keep your lil' pal safe.