How to REALLY fight static hair?

Answer Winter is here and so is the non-fashionable static hair! So many tricks and tips abound as to why static hair happens or how to relieve the problem. From static guard, to dryer sheets. As a profes... Read More »

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Is there a hair product on the market that REALLY works for static in you hair What store can I find it in?

How to Fix Static Hair?

During the winter months, hair static can be a real fashion problem. The condition stems from static build-up, especially during dry air conditions. When the air is dry and friction is applied to y... Read More »

How to Rid Hair of Static?

Nothing ruins a good hairstyle quite like static. It causes unsightly frizz, ruins curls and makes your otherwise beautiful locks rise up in random directions, turning your once-perfect mane into a... Read More »

What is static hair?

Static hair is a condition in which your hair sticks straight out from your scalp. Trying to tame it seems to just make it worse. Static hair is a bigger problem in the winter due to dryness of the... Read More »