How to Quiet an Exhaust System?

Answer Loud exhaust systems can result in tickets in many states. They can also be an annoyance to yourself and others. Your exhaust system could be loud either because of alterations intended to increase... Read More »

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How to Quiet an Aftermarket Exhaust System?

With the aftermarket options available for today's automobiles, you can modify just about any part of your driving experience, including how much sound your car makes. Aftermarket exhaust systems c... Read More »

How to Quiet an After-Market Exhaust System?

Aftermarket exhaust systems are usually installed for one of three reasons: normal replacement, increasing performance and altering the sound profile. Aftermarket exhaust systems may have a signifi... Read More »

How to Quiet Exhaust Sound?

Exhaust sounds are produced both through sound waves that travel through the air and through vibration that is transferred through the vehicle's frame body and components. Both sound waves and tran... Read More »

How to Quiet Excess Vibration From Car Exhaust Pipes?

The exhaust system in your vehicle is attached at various points along the vehicle's frame. The system uses an assortment of clamps and hangers to support the exhaust components, as well as to isol... Read More »