How to Quiet a Noisy Brake?

Answer A vehicle's brake system is composed of many parts, such as calipers, discs and brake pads. When any one of these parts is out of alignment, vibrations, rusting and ultimately large amounts of fric... Read More »

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How to Quiet a Noisy Fan Belt?

The first step is to identify which belt is making all the noise. If your vehicle squeals right after you start it but before you even touch the steering wheel then it is most likely your alternato... Read More »

How to Quiet Noisy Pipes?

Pipes can be noisy for many reasons, from loose anchoring brackets to high water pressure. Different noises can mean very different pipe issues, so it is important to diagnose the issue based on wh... Read More »

How to Quiet Noisy Lifters on a 1989 Ford 2.9 V6?

In 1989, the Ford 2.9-liter V-6 was offered as an option on the Bronco II as well as the Ranger XLT. The 1989 2.9-liter produces 140 horsepower, and 170 foot-pounds of torque. The lifters in the 2.... Read More »

Ideas to Quiet a Noisy Washer and Dryer in a Kitchen?

Not every home has a separate laundry room to house the washer and dryer. Putting these in the kitchen gives the washer access to the water line for the home, but such placement becomes noisy. Gett... Read More »