How to Quiet a Motorcycle Muffler?

Answer "Loud pipes save lives" is an age-old proverb in the motorcycle community, but whoever thought that up forgot to mention that loud pipes also alienate neighbors and attract unwanted attention from ... Read More »

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How to Get a Motorcycle Muffler?

You have many choices when looking for a motorcycle muffler. You can visit a generic auto parts outlet like Pep Boys, go to the dealer where you bought the bike, or buy the muffler through the Inte... Read More »

What Are the Baffles in a Motorcycle Muffler?

A motorcycle's exhaust muffler relies on a special device comprising a series of chambers or tubes to neutralize the roar of spent exhaust gases as they exit the motor. This device is called a baff... Read More »

DIY: How to Repack a Fiberglass Motorcycle Muffler?

A motorcycle's exhaust system is usually one of the first components that needs to be replaced, with restrictive factory equipment being traded for performance-focused aftermarket parts. Unfortunat... Read More »

How to Remove Baffles From a Motorcycle Muffler?

Removing, or "drilling out," the baffles of your motorcycle's exhaust system is a great way to intensify its sound. By effectively doing away with the silencers that dull the sound of your engine ... Read More »