How to Quick Brine a Chicken?

Answer If you don't have six to 12 hours before dinner, but you have your heart set on brined chicken, don't worry. You can speed up the brining process so your chicken will be ready to cook in as little ... Read More »

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How to Brine Chicken?

Brining meats before cooking them is a very effective way to increase the moisture and tenderness of the meat. Brining is similar to marinating, but uses a simpler liquid for soaking the meat�at ... Read More »


Eggs in a store are from chicken hens who have not met up with a rooster, so the eggs are not fertilized. That is how you know there is no baby chick in there. Chicken hens lay eggs no matter, bu... Read More »

How to Make a Quick Chicken Parmesan Sandwich?

Chicken is considered a healthy alternative to red meats, and can even be more healthy if prepared the wright way. This recipe for making a Chicken Parmesan Sandwich is not only delicious, but is q... Read More »

Need a quick, easy dinner recipe using chicken breast!?

cous cous and ketchup tasting tomato sauce?? Nooooooo!Go simple Asia, In blender add soy sauce, garlic, a tablespoon honey and if you have some, fresh ginger.Marinate your chicken here for 20 mins ... Read More »