How to Put the Tassel on a Graduation Cap?

Answer After years of study, you're finally ready to receive your baccalaureate or advanced degree. You've ordered your cap and gown and picked out a special outfit to wear on commencement day. When your ... Read More »

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Which way does the graduation tassel go?

Before graduating, the tassel hangs on the right side of the student's face. Upon graduating, he switches the tassel to hang on the left side, indicating he has graduated from the school.Source:Uni... Read More »

When was the graduation tassel first used?

Graduation tassels and cords have been since roughly the 14th century, at which time they were used to differentiate military, religious and educational status. It wasn't until 1893 that universiti... Read More »

What side does the tassel go on a graduation cap?

Jostens says a tassel is usually worn on the right side, then moved to the left after a graduate receives his diploma. However, the graduation experts at Herff Jones say a school may ask its studen... Read More »

What side does a graduation tassel go on?

Candidates for high school or a first degree wear their tassel on the right side and switch it to the left upon receiving their degree. Candidates for higher degrees start with the tassel on the le... Read More »