How to Put the Belt on a Record Player?

Answer Music lovers appreciate who appreciate the warm sound and aesthetic beauty of vinyl records need to be familiar with the basic of record player turntable maintenance. Instead of paying a repair tec... Read More »

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How to Replace a Record Player Belt?

One of the most common reasons why a belt-driven turntable stops spinning is a broken belt. A belt-driven record player requires a belt in order to connect its motor pulley to the center cylinder o... Read More »

How to Record a Windows Media Player Movie on a DVD to Play in a Regular DVD Player?

Windows Media Player movies are video files in the specific format encoded for playback in the Windows Media Player program. If you want to watch the movies on your TV with a regular DVD player, yo... Read More »

I record a video with hypercam but after i record it the video wont show in my media player, why is that?

the file format of hypercam may not be supported by mplayer, may have to convert.

How do i fix my record player?

one thing is to watch your needle, see if it is "pulling" to the inside or outside as it plays. If it is, then you know it's skating. You may need to adjust the anti-skate on your table. I'd probab... Read More »