How to Put the Batman Symbol in My Facebook Status?

Answer If you are a Batman fan, or you need his help and you want to signal for him via Facebook, you can do so using the Batman symbol. There isn't a special character code for the bat signal like there ... Read More »

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Is a Harley a status symbol or a phallic symbol?

He meant for the guy to get an actual motorcycle not just a little scooter.As far as harleys go, I don't know why everyone calls them over priced. They are right in the same area as allot of other ... Read More »

Facebook: ok so i accidently hit the show less status' button on one of my friends status', how do i fix it?

Go to the bottom of your home page and Click on News feed OptionsDelete that friend from the list of "less about these people"

Things to put as my facebook status as in "if you like my status i'll rate you 1-10"?

"like my status if you are in love""like my status and i will put something i like about you on your wall""POKE me if you've ever had a crush on me. LIKE this status if you think I'm a good friend.... Read More »

Do you see your childrens equipment as a status symbol to you?

I think it depends on the parent really and their reasons for doing it. I do believe in 'buggy envy' now, and in such the way that a man is respected by turning up to work in a fancy Merc, women se... Read More »