How to Put the Alternator Belt on a BMW 325i?

Answer For the home mechanic, one of the most basic tasks is the inspection and, if needed, replacement of the alternator belt. On a BMW 3 Series, this is an easy task that will help prevent you from gett... Read More »

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How to Remove BMW 325i Alternator?

The BMW 325i is built for performance and comfort, and both of those things are centered around the electrical system. An integral part of that system is the alternator, which is responsible for ch... Read More »

How Do I Replace the Alternator on a 2001 BMW 325i?

The alternator is the device on your car that powers all the important accessories and electronic devices while the car is turned on. Just as is the case with any other mechanical device, however, ... Read More »

How to Replace a Serpentine Belt on BMW 325i?

The drive accessories mounted on the front of the engine on a BMW 325i are turned by a serpentine belt. This belt is kept taut by a tensioner, but since the belt is made of rubber, it can stretch o... Read More »

How to Replace the Timing Belt on a 1990 BMW 325i?

The timing belt on the E30 generation of the BMW 3 Series should not be neglected. If the timing belt fails, it can cause major engine damage. Though BMW recommends that the belt be changed every 6... Read More »