How to Put on an Alternator Belt?

Answer Putting an alternator belt on your vehicle normally requires that you know how to apply tension using an auto tension pulley. The auto tension pulley automatically applies the correct tension to th... Read More »

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How Do I Fix My Alternator Belt?

The alternator belt, also known as a serpentine belt, is a single belt that controls many of the car's major engine parts, such as the air conditioner, alternator, power steering pump and the water... Read More »

What Is a Car's Alternator Belt?

An integrated starter/generator (ISG) assembly is often found mounted to your car's engine. A belt-driven alternator/starter was designed in order to meet your car's electrical demand due to creatu... Read More »

How to Change an Alternator Belt?

The alternator receives its power from a belt that runs from the alternator to the engine's crankcase. As the motor turns, it rotates the belt on the pulley, which allows the alternator to generate... Read More »

How to Use a Tensioner on an Alternator Belt?

A belt tensioner is a spring-loaded device on some engines that holds a specific amount of tension on the serpentine drive belt or accessory belt while the engine is in motion. Too much tension on ... Read More »