How to Put on a Ford Explorer Outer Tie Rod End?

Answer The outer tie rod end on the Ford Explorer bridges the connection between the rack and pinion steering and the front wheel knuckles. Unlike front-wheel drive vehicles, the outer tie rod end on the ... Read More »

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How to Remove the Outer Tie Rod End on a Ford Ranger?

The outer tie rod end on a Ford Ranger is the connection between the steering rack and the steering knuckles. These tie rods connect to the steering knuckle via a ball joint. Over time, this ball j... Read More »

How do I Remove the Outer Wheel Bearing on a 97 Ford Escort?

The outer wheel bearing located inside your front brake rotor keeps the rotor spinning freely around the wheel spindle. When the bearing wears out, your rotor will start to grind at an angle on the... Read More »

What does XLT in Ford Explorer XLT mean?

The XLT designation on the popular Ford Explorer SUV refers to the trim package. The 2010 base model is the XLT, with the Eddie Bauer, XLT Sport and the Limited as optional packages.References:For... Read More »

How to Tell If a Ford Explorer PCM Is Bad?

A powertrain control module is part of a Ford's overall On-Board Diagnostic system. It is your Ford's central computer. If it ceases to function correctly, then your vehicle's overall OBD-II will n... Read More »