How to Put on Your Makeup?

Answer Most women have a deep love for makeup, but many of them don't know how to properly apply their makeup or are confused about the right shades to use. If you want to avoid a mask-like appearance, al... Read More »

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When your in a relashionship and you see your girl without makeup for the first time what is your thoughts ?

I assume you're asking guys ...But any relationship worth being in, should result in the guy seeing your true beauty - and liking it all the same :)

Do i have a large makeup collection What is in your makeup collection?

that is a pretty big collection! I am such a collector of makeup but I just chucked heaps out that was old and crappy so now I have barely any! I am trying to go mineral which is heaps more expensi... Read More »

Are you allowed to take your makeup in your purse when you travel by airplane?

Make-up that comes in the form of powders, such as eye shadow, can be taken through airport security in your purse. Gels and liquids, such as make-up remover, must be in a 3.4 oz. or less container... Read More »

Is it true that leaving makeup on your face overnight is bad for your skin (read details...)?

Besides just keeping the skin and pores clean, as everyone has pointed out, we don't often think of our skin as a vital organ. As a matter of fact, it is the largest organ that protects everything... Read More »