How to Put on Makeup if You Are Blonde and Blue Eyed?

Answer If you have fair skin, blond hair, and blue eyes, here is a basic guide to perfect make up every time.

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Can a brown haired brown eyed mom and a brown haired hazel eyed father have a blonde haired blue eyed baby?

it is possible if someone related to you has blue eyes or if someone has blonde hair but i wouldn't worry about it because if you have a brown hair baby it will still be pretty some of the most bea... Read More »

How to Make a Blue Eyed Blonde Layered Shot?

A Blue Eyed Blonde layered shot is made by layering white creme de cacao, banana liqueur and blue curacao in a shot glass or cordial glass.

I'm a blue eyed blonde with fair skin - which colour lipstick would best suit?

How did being tall, skinny, blue eyed and blonde become the ideal image for women?

Hmmm, I never knew that, although I do know that the image has Nazi origins somehow (according to my A level English teacher). I'm not sure about the skinny thing though...Personally, I like brunet... Read More »