How to Put on Fishnet Stockings?

Answer Fishnet stockings need to be put on very carefully so that they don't rip. They are harder to put on then regular stockings because of the small holes in them. Getting them on without ripping them ... Read More »

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How to Wash Fishnet Stockings?

When laundering fishnet stockings, it is important to take special care to not rip, snag or stretch the individual diamonds in the weave of the pattern. If you are not careful, they can become dest... Read More »

Is there anything that will removed dried waterproof PVA from fishnet stockings and a wet suit?

Yes of course, I thought you never asked.A very interesting possibility are time travel, talk about three dimensions and a fourth dimension which is the time, excluding Big Ben for the moment. Ther... Read More »

In a pair of silk stockings the silk stockings are a symbol of?

How to Do a Fishnet Braid?

If you are looking for a stylish way to keep you hair out of your face, a fishnet braid may be the answer. Also called a fishtail braid, a fishnet braid is a style of braid using two instead of thr... Read More »