How to Put on Dark Eye Shadow With Eye Glasses On?

Answer While it isn't advisable to put on the boldest eyeshadows if you wear glasses, you don't have to stick with neutrals either. The key to making your eyes stand out behind your glasses is to choose a... Read More »

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What's the purpose of applying light eye shadow UNDER a dark eye shadow?

the light shadow is applied as the base coat.this helps to blend the dark one.eye shadow is all about blending.

Home Remedies for Dark Upper Lip Shadow?

Dark upper lips can be a result of common female grooming procedures such as waxing or threading their upper lip or over-bleaching facial hair. Drinking alcohol or smoking can also cause a reaction... Read More »

What color eye shadow would look good with a dark blue dress?

I think you could try a matching dark blue color with black eyeliner/mascara. -- darker eye shadow colors make your eyes more intense/ sultry -- it's close to smokey eyes, but it'd match your dress... Read More »

Are glasses the reason I have dark circles under my eye?

The main reason for dark circles is olive skin and genetics. Do you have relatives with dark circles? The other reason would be allergies.Glasses would have no effect.There is no fix. The best f... Read More »