How to Put on Cufflinks With Buttons?

Answer Cufflinks are used to hold long cuffs together and prevent them from getting overly dirty or getting in food. Many cufflinks display family crests, monograms, gems or other elegant designs. Some cu... Read More »

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How to Put On Cufflinks?

Cufflinks actually pre-date the button, safety pin, zipper or Velcro. Luckily, advancements have been made since the first cufflinks were made. Cufflinks are a great way to add a some personal styl... Read More »

Instructions for How to Put on Cufflinks?

Cufflinks used to be an everyday accessory for most men and some women. As life moved faster and the world got smaller and more casual, putting on cufflinks became something you only did for a wedd... Read More »

How to Wear Tuxedo Cufflinks?

Tuxedo cufflinks are fashion accessories for business and formal French cuffed shirts. Whether these decorative fasteners adorn a stiff blue long-sleeved shirt by day, or an elegant Egyptian cotton... Read More »

Shirts That Require Cufflinks?

Shirts that require cuff links are a wardrobe staple found in the well-dressed man's closet. They include several versions of French cuffs, which are double-cuffed shirts in which the cuffs are fol... Read More »