How to Put on Component 1 on a Westinghouse TV?

Answer Knowing how to change to video inputs is an essential part of taking advantage of all of your TV's features. Component connections are high-definition audio/video connections that attach to your TV... Read More »

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White westinghouse flat screen tv you need the code for westinghouse tv's for your direct tv remote How do you get them?

Answersony code 10000 worked for me 0000 worked for me, the Comcast codes suck

3 component of nstp and their component?

Which is better Monster M1000CV component video cable or Monster THX Ultra 1000 Component Video Cable?

The problem is that Monster refuses to release technical specs on the coax or RCA jacks they use so we cannot really compare how much better or worse each cable is.Monster brags about exotic gasses... Read More »

Who makes westinghouse lcd tvs?

Westinghouse LCD Televisions are manufactured by Westinghouse Digital, a subsidiary of Westinghouse Electric Corporation. The company sells a full range of LED and LCD televisions, including a line... Read More »