How to Put in a Weave Without a Needle?

Answer Glue-in hair weaves offer the ability to add length, depth, or color to your hair -- without having to commit to a particular style. Bonding glue is applied to the weft of the hair weave to ensure ... Read More »

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How to Thread the Needle for a Sew-in Weave So You Don't Have to Keep Threading the Needle?

Weaves can take hours to complete. To sew in a weave, the hair must be braided into cornrows to provide an anchor for the thread that attaches the fake hair to the head. The process becomes more te... Read More »

How to Thread a Needle for a Quick Weave?

Threading a needle for a quick weave is similar to threading a needle for sewing. Sewing a weave into your natural braided hair is secure way to prevent the hair extensions (or weave) from loosen u... Read More »

How can i Pierce my ear without a needle or gun?

THROUGH SHEER WILL! THE POWERS OF TELEKINESIS! *would* you pierce your ear without a needle of gun?You're going to need one of those to do it. You can't just wish a hole in your ear.

How to Make a Tattoo Without a Needle?

A professional tattoo artist uses a tattoo gun to complete their work. It can be hard if not impossible to locate one of these items on your own unless you work in the field. However, you can make ... Read More »