How to Put in a Pitching Rubber?

Answer Pitching rubbers come in a number of styles, including: 4-way pitching rubbers, step down, tack down, and Hollywood style. The 4-way rubber is durable, easy to install, stable and economical as it ... Read More »

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How big is the softball pitching rubber?

As of 2010, an official softball pitching rubber (or pitcher's plate) is 24 inches long and six inches wide. At the highest level of competition, the softball pitcher's plate is located 46 feet fro... Read More »

Can you glue rubber to rubber cement?

You cannot glue rubber to rubber cement, however, you can use rubber cement to glue rubber to another object. Apply a thin coat of rubber cement to both surfaces that you want to glue together. All... Read More »

Softball Techniques on Pitching?

Fast-pitch softball pitching requires skill and attention to technique. It is important to develop good softball pitching techniques early on to avoid repeating bad habits throughout your career. O... Read More »

Softball Pitching Fundamentals?

Fast-pitch softball pitchers walk a delicate line between effectiveness and injury risk. A player can suffer a serious arm ailment without the proper fundamentals. Several factors go into making a ... Read More »