How to Put in Violin Pegs?

Answer Slipping violin pegs are a common problem when strings are wound with an insufficient amount of tension. A properly wound string will create tension that prevents the peg from slipping. Installing ... Read More »

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Does Celtic music have a first violin part and second violin part?

According to Fiddling Around the World, traditional Celtic music does not typically have first and second violin parts. Usually, a Celtic music ensemble will be small and consist of only one fiddl... Read More »

Floorboards Vs. Pegs?

Floorboards and footpegs both offer their own advantages for motorcycle riders and passengers. When it comes down to which you should use on your bike, personal comfort and affordability should be ... Read More »

How to Make BMX Pegs?

BMX street is a very common form of BMX riding where the rider uses many obstacles in their everyday environment to do wicked tricks. Grinding has become a major part in BMX as well as the weight o... Read More »

How many tuning pegs does a cello have?

A cello has four tuning pegs, one for each of its four strings. The tuning pegs are used to tune the strings, which are tuned to A, D, G and C (from highest to lowest).Source:8 Notes: The 4 Strings... Read More »