How to Put an Equals Sign in a Text Literal Using HTML?

Answer In an HTML tag, the equals sign is generally part of the code itself and is not visible on the actual Web page it creates. For example, the HTML tag creates a form text input box that has the defa... Read More »

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How to Insert Text in a Textbox in HTML Using PHP?

Text boxes are form elements that let your users enter information and then send it to you. Text boxes are generally used to save information to a database. The PHP programming language lets you pr... Read More »

How do i right align text using html?

Type the code before writing the text you want aligned to the right on your web page. After the bracket, type whatever information you would like to include on your site. After you are finished wi... Read More »

How to Create a Text Input Using HTML?

HTML forms are what you need for getting user input. But first, you need to make a text box! Here is a simple tutorial on how to make a text box if you're using Windows.

What's the html code for centering text horizontally and vertically in an empty html page?

This should work: TEXT GOES HERE.Keep in mind though that you aren't centering the entire inner div but its top edge.You can also use margin: auto; to center an element in its parent element, this ... Read More »