How to Put an EPI CV Boot on a 2007 Rhino 660?

Answer The Rhino 660 is an all-terrain vehicle manufactured by Yamaha. This two-man ATV features a liquid-cooled 660 cc, five-valve, four-stroke engine. Constant velocity, or CV, joints are used on the Rh... Read More »

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2007 Yamaha Rhino Specifications?

The Yamaha Rhino is a two-passenger off-road vehicle that was introduced in 2006. The 2007 model carried over the same technical specifications as its introductory model. The vehicle looks similar ... Read More »

2007 Yamaha Rhino 660 Specs?

The Yamaha Rhino is a rugged, four-wheel drive, utility style ATV. As a work vehicle, the Rhino is designed to operate like a small pickup truck. It has a rear hauling bed and seats two passengers.... Read More »

Do custom boot screens slow down your overall boot time.?

If you mean the "splash" screen image that is used during the boot up process, then the answer is: NO, there is no slow down. That is because it is nothing more than a raster image (bitmap), and i... Read More »

If I boot windows on an sdd is anything else sped up besides just the boot time?

The short answer is yes. Anything that requires accessing the disk will be faster. Everything is stored on your disk so it will be copied in to ram faster from a SSD.