How to Put an Absolute Value Equation or Inequality on a Number Line?

Answer Absolute value equations and inequalities add a twist to algebraic solutions, allowing the solution to be either the positive or negative value of a number. Graphing absolute value equations and in... Read More »

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How to Write Absolute Value Inequalities Based on a Number Line?

Absolute value inequalities are algebraic equations containing "less than" or "greater than" symbols in which the absolute value refers to the magnitude of the equation. One helpful way to visualiz... Read More »

How to Get Rid of the Absolute Value Sign in an Equation?

Solving an equation with an absolute value sign is different than solving one without because an absolute value equation can have either two answers or no answer. The absolute value of a number det... Read More »

How to Use Your Calculator to Graph an Absolute Value Equation?

Absolute value equations are equations in which any negative "y" values are converted to positive. The technical definition of an absolute value is |x| = sqrt(x^2). This is true because when you sq... Read More »

How do I Use a Number Line When Writing an Inequality?

An inequality is a mathematical statement that some variable is less than, or greater than, some constant. For example, x < 6 is an inequality. A number line is a line with the integers (whole numb... Read More »