How to Put a Window Motor in a '96 Windstar?

Answer Power windows were once a high-end item, available only on the most luxurious of vehicles. As vehicles progressed through the early-2000s, power windows became a standard feature on nearly all vehi... Read More »

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Ford Windstar Window Motor Replacement?

The Ford Windstar was manufactured with optional power windows, which utilize a small motor to operate the window regulator. This motor can wear out because of age or malfunction and require replac... Read More »

How to Change a Power Window Motor on a Ford Windstar?

A Ford Winstar uses a two-post, cable-operated window regulator. The window motor is mounted separately and is attached to a drum that the cable is wound around. The motor can be replaced without r... Read More »

How to Replace the Window Motor in a 2003 Ford Windstar?

Ford designed the 2003 Ford Windstar as a family vehicle and marketed the minivan to busy parents who needed their vehicle to help them with the transportation needs of their family. Power windows ... Read More »

The Replacement Directions for a 2001 Windstar Window Lift Motor?

Replacing the window lift motor of the 2001 Ford Windstar is a project you can do in about an hour or two. The window lift motor is attached to the inside of the door frame with bolts, and you can ... Read More »