How to Put a Trailer Hitch on a 335I Coupe?

Answer The BMW 335i coupe comes from the factory equipped with provisions to accommodate a trailer hitch. Although the car is capable of towing neither another vehicle nor any extremely heavy load, it can... Read More »

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How to Select a Trailer Hitch?

Here's a great guide for selecting a trailer hitch.

How much is it to install a trailer hitch?

The cost of labor to install a trailer hitch is approximately $30 an hour and will take about 1 and a 1/2 hours or about $45. The part, depending on the vehicle, generally costs between $100 to $2... Read More »

What is a class 2 trailer hitch?

Trailer hitches are rated differently according to how much weight they can carry. There are several different ratings, called classes 1 through 4 or I through IV.BasicsTrailer hitches are rated fo... Read More »

How High Should a Trailer Hitch Be?

Math often has concepts that can get confusing if you are unfamiliar with the basic mathematical rules in place. However, raising a fraction to a power is not a complicated process. Once you unders... Read More »