How to Put a Trailer Hitch on a 335I Coupe?

Answer The BMW 335i coupe comes from the factory equipped with provisions to accommodate a trailer hitch. Although the car is capable of towing neither another vehicle nor any extremely heavy load, it can... Read More »

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How to Prepare a VW Trailer Hitch?

If you are preparing to go for a road trip adventure with your VW and need to tow a trailer or camper, take the time to prep the VW's trailer hitch. Most VWs use a ball-hitch style trailer attachme... Read More »

How to Select a Trailer Hitch?

Here's a great guide for selecting a trailer hitch.

Trailer hitch for 02 cavalier?

If you want a hitch installed on your car, you'll have to buy it and pay extra to have it installed. Figure on around $200 for the hitch and installation. Once you have it, there's no guarantee tha... Read More »

What's a trailer hitch cover?

if its a ball hitch its a slice in a tennis ball and stick onto ball//as you havent said any info thats the best i can do