How to Put a Smile on Your Face Despite a Broken Heart?

Answer The time period following a broken heart can feel like the most devastating and desperate hours of your life. Whether your heart is broken because of a break-up, divorce or a loved one passing away... Read More »

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How would you fix a broken heart, I meant how would you move on after your heart has been broken by the?

The main goal is to occupy yourself, even by stuff you hate. As long as it doesn't bore you. Also, talk to people about it. It helps alot with getting over things. You can even hire a psychatrist i... Read More »

What is the difference between being heart broken and having a broken heart?

Being heart broken means you are sad. Having a broken heart means that you do have a problem to solve. A problem of deep sorrow.

Doesn't his smile just make your heart melt?

Awww bless him .. to be honest he shouldn't of left us soo early :(Its a shamee really xeven though some people Judged him and made hurtful comments about him he held his head high and carried on s... Read More »

When was the last time you left your Dr's office with a smile on your face?

congratstoday i got a nerve block and ws pain free