How to Put a Prong Collar on a Dog?

Answer Prong collars look like they would hurt your dog, but in reality they are safer than choke collars. The problem with prong collars is that people often place them on their dog incorrectly. Also, ow... Read More »

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How to Use a Prong Collar on Dogs?

All people learn new information differently and the same is true for dogs. A variety of dog training tools exist, such as head halters, slip collars and no-pull harnesses, but there is no single t... Read More »

Prong Collar Vs. Positive Training?

When it comes to dog training, there may be different views on the best and most effective training methods. Positive training is a method gaining popularity because it refrains from using coercive... Read More »

Is it safe to plug in three prong appliances into a three prong wall outlet that has no ground to it?

Answer As long as everything is working as designed, nothing will happen, but that third connector is a safety feature to protect you. It is connected to the frame of the appliance and if there is... Read More »

How can you change a 3-prong 240V outlet for a 3-prong cord for a 120V appliance?

For USA, Canada and countries running a 60 Hz supply service. If you're asking this question you shouldn't be installing an electrical service. If someone were to give you an answer here, you migh... Read More »