How to Put a Password on a Zipped Folder in Windows Vista?

Answer A zipped file folder is one that can contain one or several files in a compressed format. If you wish to protect a zipped file folder from unauthorized access, you can change the permissions of the... Read More »

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How to Put a Password on a Folder in Windows?

Windows passwords protect the system and require users to enter a user name and password before logging into the computer. However, this leaves folders and files open for any user to view, edit and... Read More »

What folder is wallpaper stored in in Windows Vista?

The folder that Windows Vista stores wallpaper in is the Wallpaper folder (C:\WINDOWS\Web\Wallpaper). Windows Vista also allows you to choose any picture you want to customize your desktop wallpape... Read More »

How to Change the Owner of a File or Folder in Windows Vista?

Windows Vista uses an ownership system for accessing or modifying files and folders on your computer. Essentially, the original creator of a file is considered its owner. However, this ownership ca... Read More »

How to Change a Password on Windows XP or Windows Vista?

Have you lost your password? Maybe you want to play a little prank on your friends. Whatever your reason, there is a simple way to set a user's password without having to download any software!