How to Put a Pad in a Barn?

Answer Dirt floors in barns generally fail to provide adequate support over a long period of time. Depending on the frequency of use, the unfinished floor can become a nuisance and new flooring may be req... Read More »

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The Difference Between a Pole Barn & a Stick-Built Barn?

There are two main types of barn framing -- pole barns and stick framing. Pole barns are simpler to frame and much less expensive to build. Stick, or traditional, frame barns provide more of a fram... Read More »

How to Keep Barn Swallows Out of the Barn?

Though they may be beautiful there are many reasons why you should keep swallows out of your barn. In addition to leaving unsightly droppings all over the place, barn swallows can also carry diseas... Read More »

How to Keep Flies Out of the Barn?

Flies are more than just buzzing pests. Flies in barns and around farms can disturb livestock by spreading disease and biting the flesh of animals. While it's not ecologically sound to attempt to a... Read More »

How to Get Rid of Barn Swallows?

When the weather turns warmer, the sky can be full of barn swallows. While their mid-air antics may be fun to watch, these birds can leave your property looking awful. Swallow droppings speed up th... Read More »