How to Put a Newsfeed on Facebook?

Answer RSS, which stands for Real Simple Syndication, is a Web technology that allows you to syndicate and republish content from one site to another. You can use RSS to generate content for your site by ... Read More »

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How to Add Multiple Pictures on a Facebook Newsfeed?

The Facebook "News Feed" displays all of yours and your friends' activity on the site in reverse-chronological order. Example of "stories" that post to the news feed include status updates you and ... Read More »

How do I disable this annoying feature on facebook newsfeed?

If i delete a facebook status, does it get deleted off the entire newsfeed?

How do I hide or unhide friends from the newsfeed at home of the new facebook?

To hide a friend, just roll over one of their posts - an x will appear in the top right, click it to turn off all of their posts.To turn them back on, scroll all the way to the bottom - click see h... Read More »