How to Put a New Disc in My Febreeze Scent Stories?

Answer The Febreze Scentstories Air Freshener Player is an electronic device that looks like a Compact Disc player. The makers of the device manufactured it specifically for Febreze and designed it to fre... Read More »

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Can i put febreeze on my bed?

I wouldn't. Febreeze contains chemicals that can trigger asthmatic or allergic reactions. Do you really want to spend 7 hours a night -- every night -- inhaling that stuff???If you have a problem ... Read More »

I think there's febreeze in my soy milk?

Febreze is horrible stuff, but can only improve the taste of soy milk ;-) Just kidding.I'd probable just get a new bottle of soya milk.

After emptying 1/2can of febreeze into a radiator, approx how long does it take to get rid of the smell?

after you start cooking with the garlic, onions, and fish. those will bring back the lovely smell of the kitchen. or if all else fails you could burn some popcorn in the microwave. every one kno... Read More »

What shampoo scent stays in your hair for a long time I want a long lasting scent shampoo!!?

Big Sexy, Bed Head, and Paul Mitchel are the best. But also you can spray perfume in the hair while your blow drying it because your hair cuticle opens up to heat so the scent will be trapped in th... Read More »