How to Put a Laser Sight on a Brown Bear Bow?

Answer A laser sight on your bow will allow you to dial in your weapon and hit your target consistently. Laser sights also work well in low-light situations and increase your available hunting time, since... Read More »

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"Brown Bear, Brown Bear" Classroom Activities?

"Brown Bear, Brown Bear," written by Bill Martin, Jr., is a favorite book among many children. The story employs repetition and patterns, enabling the pre-reader to easily predict what comes next. ... Read More »

How to Mod a Nerf Laser Sight?

Some Nerf-brand toy guns include a gun sight that for all practical purposes is just a low-powered telescope. You can modify, or "mod," a Nerf gun sight to mimic a laser sight like the ones used on... Read More »

Green Vs. Red Laser Sight?

Both green and red lasers are available configured for shotgun rifles and handguns. Since their introduction in the late 1980s, the majority of laser sights have featured red beams; however, the su... Read More »

How to Laser Bore Sight a Rifle?

Laser bore sighters offer an inexpensive, safe and expedient method of sighting in your rifle. The devices come in two styles: bullet shaped devices that are placed directly into the rifles chamber... Read More »