How to Put a Heart on a Shoutout for Facebook?

Answer Sometimes it takes more than words to get your message across on Facebook. For this reason, emoticons and symbols are a popular way for Facebook users to convey moods and feelings along with the ty... Read More »

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How do you put a smiley or heart in your Facebook status or a facebook message What's the code you use!?

For chatting, there are 22 different codes you can use.:) smile:D bigger smile:P tongue smile:o surprise (can also be done as :O ... ):( sad:'( cry8) cool glasses:( This is the >.< face.3:) Devil..... Read More »

How to Write a Heart in Facebook?

Facebook users are always coming up with new and interesting ways to add personality and fun to their status updates and comments. One of these you may have seen is the introduction of the cute hea... Read More »

How to Make a Heart on Facebook?

Looking to add that special symbol of love to your next Facebook status update or message? You can make a heart on Facebook with a few keystrokes.

How do I add a heart or symbol to Facebook posts?

You use " & hearts ; "Remove the spaces and quotation marks.