How to Put a HTML Link in a Facebook Bio?

Answer Facebook has removed the option to use Hypertext Markup Language, or HTML, in most areas of your bio for security reasons. Although you can no longer use custom fonts and colors in your bio, you ca... Read More »

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How do i make a link using html?

Determine the website you want to link to, i.e. Determine your link text. For example, let's assume when people click on the text "go to my website," you want to link them to y... Read More »

How to Link With the HTML Option Tag?

HTML is a programming language used on computers to design Web pages. Any task that you need a Web page to perform can be programmed into the code of a site using HTML. A prime example of this is i... Read More »

How to Link Within a Page Using HTML?

Sometimes it is very useful to be able to link from one point on a page to another point on the same page. Here is how to do so using what are known as fragment URLs.(For example, here's a link to ... Read More »

How to Hide a Link in HTML?

Hiding a link is generally a bad idea, because hiding a link is mainly used to show the link only to a search engine, but anyway, you can do it easily.